About us

CHA America offers a unique strategy for self-funded employer-sponsored health insurance plans. We build our programs on four tenets designed to make them viable and sustainable while reducing the cost of a health plan for employers and employees. All integrated components keep an eye toward clinical success for employees, not financial gain for providers.

The employer knows where every healthcare dollar is spent and how much each component of the plan actually costs.


Each component of the healthcare plan is tailored to best fit the plan sponsors and its membership’s needs.

Cost identification and containment

Each client’s claims data is consistently reviewed to identify high costs drugs, high-spend medical procedures, and chronic medical conditions.


Our team of professionals is one call away. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service, from ease of enrollment to difficult claims situations.

Our team

Tom McSwain

When you meet Tom, you’ll immediately recognize that he approaches both his work and life with a passion for people and fellowship. Whether it’s team members, clients, friends, or family, he wants to help people prosper and achieve great things.

A topic that gets Tom fired up is changing the healthcare model. It drives him to develop innovative solutions, bringing together reliable, honest partners to best serve clients, and strategically change the way they approach healthcare. He wants to see healthcare become affordable, viable, and sustainable for everyone.

As deeply as Tom cares about his work, that’s just the beginning of the energy level he takes into his family. Just ask, he’s sure to have a cute story about his granddaughter because they always steal your heart! And if you want to get to know Tom better, hit him up for a round of golf. He’s usually ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Kent Thomas

With a voice for radio, Kent will walk you through the ins and outs of the most intricately constructed employee benefits programs. And he’ll leave you feeling empowered knowing that not only does he understand it exceptionally well, but now you do too. Wanting to squeeze every ounce of value from a program, he analyzes plans, identifies the pitfalls, and jumps into problem-solving mode.

He’s been at this a long time, moving with and leading the industry to vet and create solutions for health plans that deliver measurably improved results. After talking with Kent, you’ll see new possibilities for your plan you may never have imagined possible while feeling more optimistic than ever.

While he may seem like he’s all work, we know he’s not! Dissecting plan designs and finding new solutions that help employers is his passion for sure. But bring up the right topic, and you may find yourself with some new recipes to take home for dinner!

Jim Kiser

With a vision and a penchant for building and automating systems, Jim works tirelessly to take ideas from a seed through to a successful venture. He jumps into his work with an energy so focused, he may sometimes be called out for being a bit indifferent. However, the results that come from his laser-like focus impress his team and clients alike.

During the workday, you’ll find Jim vetting and making recommendations for technology solutions because tech has been in his blood since the very beginning. He directs his talents into solutions for re-inventing the broken medical insurance system. His drive is to create a substantially different transparent health plan model that enhances the employer/employee experience.

Outside of the office, you’ll have to be fast to catch him. He’s known to have a history of some impressive boat work that may send the less adventurous swimming for the shores. But he’s found a new, slower definition of fun these days with his young grandkids as playmates!